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Denise Betesh's jewelry is both current and classic.

Matte 22 karat gold lends the work an antique quality. The simple design elements and flawless gems reference the best of contemporary jewelry.

ancient technique.

Denise creates the work at her studio in Santa Fe, New Mexico. When starting a new piece, the gold is milled and drawn, either to form a design or accommodate a gemstone. Tiny granules of gold are then individually fused onto the surface of the metal without solder. This delicate and detailed process, called 'granulation', was refined by the Etruscans, and has been used since the third millennium BC by the goldsmiths of the eastern Mediterranean regions.

timeless design.

Centuries-old thoughts and feelings are reimagined when I work. When beginning a piece, I start with pure 24k gold, alloyed to the perfect hue and texture of 22k. I use a hand turned rolling mill to make the wire that becomes the individual links in my chains. Fusing and granulation is a seamless connector for high karat gold, a process without the addition of solder. The repetitive meditation process of creation is then channeled through to the wearer. I seek out unique gemstones that have taken many lifetimes to form, later to be cut or carved to enhance their brilliance.

My task is to then create the perfect embellishment, keeping within my minimal aesthetic, to carry them forward. In the end, the intent throughout the process and in the final piece is making the connection to another’s heart.

sourced from the highest quality materials.

Denise uses recycled gold in all of her hand-crafted pieces. Taking care to source precious stones ethically, she uses only conflict-free diamonds and gemstones.

The palette of her designs is representative of the soft, dreamy desert of New Mexico.